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NUTIP celebrates the #dayoftheentrepreneur!

Every third Friday of November we celebrate the Day of the Entrepreneur. MKB-Nederland, the Dutch association for SME’s started this tradition 5 years ago.Last week Friday18th November 2022 the Dutch Embassy in Uganda together with NUTIP_ Kampala organized a networking reception for Dutch -Ugandan entrepreneurs that were recognized and thanked for their courage and perseverance to create…

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EU Business Forum 2022 (NUTIP)

NUTIP Vice Chairperson Sjaak de Bloois at the 2nd EU business forum (26-27 October 2022) on exporting to the EU markets was among the panelists who discussed  Standard Requirements; Food Safety, Sustainable use of pesticides EU directive, Regulation on pesticides residues for imported goods all these must be complied to before clearance for export to…

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Are you paying competitive Salaries?

Irene Nayera Organization and Human Resource Director – Hima Cement -Holcim and Geofrey Ndobo – HR Consultant Peoples Performance Group(PPG) Discussed; Salary, Payroll Structures and Grading;Salary comparison within competing sectors, Salary building versus making exemptions.Employment benefits in addition to salary, comparing NGO, Start-ups, Corporate & Government salary packages, work exposure and salary regards talent recruitment…

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The International Trade Fair (UMA) 2022 (NUTIP)

NUTIP participated at the Uganda International Trade Fair 2022 under the The Netherlands Village. From 3rd October – 10th October at the Uganda Manufactures Association (UMA) show grounds Lugogo-Kampala Theme: Business recovery by harnessing local sourcing and deepening value chains integration.  Where NUTIP Members; B&S Group, Syngeta, Eprod, House of Seeds, Fres Uganda, Brood, Fiber…

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EU-NUTIP Networking Event

EU- Business Forum together with SB4U (Sustainable Business For Uganda) invited NUTIP Members for a Networking event ahead of the 2nd Uganda-EU Business forum in Kampala (26th & 27th October 2022). NUTIP members had the pleasure to meet other European and Ugandan business to harness Investments business development  and in Uganda. #NUTIP #EU #SB4U #Networking #event 

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“The Story behind Bbrood and factory tour”(Pop-up Event)

Dick van der Breggen one of the owners of a popular Dutch bakery in Uganda (Bbrood) discussed;  Business development and sustainability, taxation policy, operational cost management and  general challenges that are being faced today the in Uganda economy in comparison to other East African countries like Rwanda and Kenya. #Breakfast @Bbrood Muyenga#Factory Tour in Namuwongo #Networking @Urban Chevre MuyengaHosted…

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NUTIP meets RVO & Invest International (DGGF)

Discussed; Dutch Start-ups,  Startups with diverse growth models and financing needs, which are at an early stage of growth and show promising impact Soft loans, Pre-finance and pre-investment support. Dutch SME, Medium and Large Corporates,  Companies with (preferably) international experience, a proven track record and a healthy business planLoans, guarantees and indirect equity Governments (in developing countries) For infrastructure projects…

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Social NUTIP Brunch

 Introduction of some new members to get to know the new members; Fres Uganda, Marula Proteen, Koudijs, Hollanda Fairfoods Uganda SMC Ltd to interact with old members so as to share their experience and reason for choosing Uganda for their business. Introduction of new members helped sharing new ideas and experiences expand the network and…

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