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DIT Advocates

DIT Advocates is a premier corporate full-service law firm comprised of advocates with previous long experience advising Regulators, Government entities, corporate bodies, financial institutions, large corporations, and Small/medium enterprises. While executing work for its clients, DIT Advocates is guided by its core values namely; Diligence, Integrity and Timeliness. The firm relies on long and specialized…

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Carledorian Connection

Carledorian Connection Dr. Charles Maina, PhD. had a dream. And it wasn’t just any dream, it was a dream of sharing the unique and delicious flavors of Africa with the world. So, he established Carledorian Connection on the lush slopes of Portbell in Kampala, Uganda, and started his mission to spread the flavors of Africa…

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 Dutch Company Food Mission

EFMI Business School organized an inspiring event as part of their food study tour in Uganda (Dutch Company Food Mission) at Design Hub Kampala together with Max Pater Bayite Kasule Frank Buizer Laurens Sloot reached out to NUTIP_ Kampala to be a part of this event where NUTIP members, particularly in the food processing sector, participated. The food startup pitch event had 7 young pre-selected…

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Tax amendments event 2023

Discussed: In Brief Tax changes – National Budget 2022/2023. Government Initiative for Agriculture.Tax Administration reforms.1. Tax Procedures Code Act Amendments.TIN requirement for Stamp Duty, Misclassification of stamps, Order of Payment, Tax remission, Waiver of interest and penalties, Failure to present information during a tax review2. Income Tax Act Amendment.Definition of company, Persons not affected by the Interest…

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NUTIP excursion; A presentation by Bamboo Uganda

Bamboo gathering & factory launch. Discussed; Commercialization of Bamboo where Bamboo Uganda, International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR), and Dutch-Sina East African Bamboo Development Programme are continuously working on a strategic plan to promote Bamboo in Uganda through building a value chain; seedlings, plantations, processing & marketing, architecture & construction, carbon credit platform, and the possibilities…

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 Game up for change

How sport and play can contribute to a healthy and flourishing business. Discussed; Benefits of sports on how they can change lives through the spirit of the game, networking/connecting, team building, leadership skills, presentation, and marketing. 1) Sponsorship and advertising opportunities to increase brand awareness.2) Marketing of tourism & hospitality through increased bookings by sports…

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Maples & Associates Advocates

Maples & Associates Advocates Who we are: Maples & Associates Advocates is a dynamic law firm made up of creative and pragmatic lawyers. We  help our clients find commercially viable solutions to their problems, while at the same time promoting  responsible individual and corporate citizenship.  Vision and Mission: Our Vision is to be the go-to legal…

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What have you done differently in Q1 2023?

Businesses usually have a formal written plan/document containing the goals of a business, the methods for attaining those goals and the time-frame for the achievement of the goals through having a projected clear plan on how activities and programs will be executed as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of a business or organization.Businesses and…

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Gold Stone Enterprise

Gold Stone Enterprise provides services for government, non-government organizations both local and international as well as private sector and civil society organizations. Our services are categorized in four core areas; consultancy services; specialized research; project support, and Institutional Development all geared at enterprise and institutional development for our clients and their beneficiaries. Goldstone offers Investment…

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