PEJA East Africa B.V

PEJA East Africa B.V. supplies and installs high tech equipment in the aviation, environmental, water, transport and medical sectors in several East African countries, including Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. PEJA East Africa’s head offices are in Arnhem, Netherlands, and it is a member of the PEJA Group of Companies.

PEJA emphasises efficiency in commercial, logistical and technical services by:

  • exchanging technical and financial information between (potential) clients and principals,
  • providing technical assistance during preparation of technical specifications,
  • improving communication with African clients,
  • advising on accessibility and sourcing for international available funding,
  • reducing risk by vouching that financial conditions are in proper order,
  • cementing joint ventures to executive turnkey projects.

In addition to the supply of quality equipment directly from manufacturers worldwide, PEJA has installation, maintenance and after-sales services available at the local office level. PEJA transports using highly reliable freight carriers and ensures the provision of accurate import documents. PEJA East Africa serves its clients and principals at the highest level.

Contact For Services

Phone+256 414 236809

             +256 414349344